Policy Matters

Health centers work hard every day to provide the best care for the communities they serve, and health care policies at the national, state and local levels are critical to supporting this work. What’s NACHC’s role? Making sure policymakers work hard as well to improve the lives of our patients through coverage and access to care, and ensuring that health centers are strong, thriving, and able to best serve their patients and communities in need.

As the national voice for community-based health centers, NACHC promotes the mission and accomplishments of health centers and works to secure ongoing support and resources to protect and strengthen health center services and expand access to them for people and communities in need. Working in tandem with State and Regional Primary Care Associations, NACHC:

  • Continuously monitors the changing health care environment at all levels.
  • Conducts in-depth analysis of key legislative and regulatory issues affecting health centers and the delivery of health care to the medically underserved and uninsured.
  • Educates policymakers, regulators, academia, corporate America and the public about the critical role health centers play in the nation’s health care system and on issues that impact health centers health center advocates through a strong collective voice.