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September 23, 2020
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In Memoriam of Ann Peters

In Memoriam…

The National Association of Community Health Centers mourns the loss of a cherished friend and leader in the Health Center Movement.ย  Ann Hathaway Peters passed away on September 21st after an extended illness.

For more than 3 decades, Ann Peters stood at the helm of Lamprey Health Care advancing its growth and development into one of the largest health centers in New Hampshire.ย  Under her leadership, Lamprey became nationally recognized for quality patient care, innovative models of heath delivery and its success in reducing health disparities.

Peters maintained a strong voice at national and state levels calling for partnership and enhanced public investment to integrate community health centers as full partners in the nationโ€™s health delivery system. ย From 1998-1999, she served as Chair of the Board of the National Association of Community Health Centers.ย ย  She also served as officer and Board Member of the Bi-State Primary Care Association.ย  Following retirement from Lamprey Health Care in 2013, she continued to share her expertise on numerous health committees and task forces focused on meeting health needs in Americaโ€™s underserved communities.

โ€œFor all who knew her, Ann Peters was a woman not only of deep commitment, but of foresight and determination,โ€ said Tom Van Coverden, President and CEO of NACHC.ย  โ€œShe believed in health centers and recognized their great potential in improving health in Americaโ€™s diverse and evolving communities. ย We also remember her direct challenge to health centers to enhance and utilize technology. ย ย As Board Chair of NACHC she cautioned, โ€˜We [health centers] cannot move into the future without advanced technology.ย  We need infrastructure in place for the collection and analysis of data for effective disease management and to prove our worth and comparative value in Americaโ€™s health care marketplace.โ€™โ€

The NACHC family joins in expressing deepest sympathies to family and the staff and patients of Lamprey Health Care.