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Community Health Centers save lives and health care dollars in America’s most ignored communities.  There are 1400 Community Health Center organizations spread across 14,000 rural and urban communities.  Health centers are the family doctor to people of all ages and walks of life – newborns, the elderly, the homeless, veterans and farmworkers.  Health centers are problem-solvers, protectors of public health and innovators in illness prevention, even in unprecedented pandemics like COVID-19.  They look beyond the medical chart for answers that not only prevent illness but address the environmental and social factors that can make people sick – lack of nutrition, exercise, homelessness, mental health and addiction. In providing access to affordable care among people least likely to have it, unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits are significantly reduced and so are costs to the American taxpayer.

Learn more about NACHC and America’s Community Health Centers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, the Health Centers on the Front Lines podcast, the Health Center News podcast, or our blog. Members of the media may contact Amy Simmons Farber, NACHC AVP of Media Relations, at 301/347-0400.

Media Center

COVID-19 Response

Health centers have adeptly pivoted services to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media Center

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Health Center Facts

Community Health Centers currently serve as the primary care medical home for over 29 million people in over 11,000 communities across America.


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Community Health Centers make a difference in the lives of people and in the heart of communities.