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Health Centers on the Front Lines

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Health Centers on the Front Lines tells the inspiring stories of the 1,400 Community Health Centers around the country that provide healthcare and other services to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Health centers were founded on the belief that healthcare is a right, not a privilege and strive to achieve equity and fairness by providing care to communities that are historically underserved by traditional health systems.

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Q&A with Dr. John Hatch, Health Center Pioneer

1/16/23 — As the first employee of the nation’s first health center in n Mound Bayou, Mississippi, Dr. John W. Hatch is a pillar of the Community Health Center Movement and a nationally known public health leader. In this episode, NACHC Senior Vice President Ben Money talks with Dr. Hatch about the intersection of the health center and the Civil Rights movements, citizen participation, and Dr. Hatch’s early work to address social drivers of health. Watch episode and read transcript.


Work as a Social Driver of Health: How La Casa Family Health Center Identifies Farmworkers

10/10/22 — What happens when health center care teams know more about a patient’s occupation? This data can be especially important if the patient is an essential worker, as the Health Choice Network, a health center-controlled network based in Miami, and their partners at La Casa Family Health Center in New Mexico, learned during the COVID pandemic when treating a high-risk group of dairy farmworkers. Watch episode and read transcript.


What to Expect to When You Vaccinate Your Child Under 5 for COVID-19

7/20/22 — In this episode, Wanda Montalvo, PhD, RN, FAAN, our senior fellow and team lead for public health integration and innovation at NACHC, interviews pediatrician Lisa Costello, M.D., MPH, of the West Virginia University School of Medicine, about vaccine benefits as well as answers some commonly asked questions. For more resources about vaccines, view the HHS We Can Do This provider and patient education materials on pediatric COVID-19 vaccines. Watch episode video or read transcript.


Lisa Costello, MD

Talking to Parents About the Value of the COVID-19 Vaccine for Children

6/29/2022 –On June 18, 2022, the COVID-19 vaccine was approved by the federal government for children under 5. In this short episode of the “Health Centers on the Front Lines” podcast, our Senior Fellows Wanda Montalvo, PhD, RN, FAAN, and Jennie McLaurin, MD, MPH, MA, draw on their experience as healthcare providers and parents to discuss the benefits of vaccination and common parent concerns. Watch video and read transcript.


A Path to Healing for Health Care Workers

3/15/2022 — Early March marked two years since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, and health care workers, who may have been stressed and strained before, are now experiencing emotional exhaustion. This episode features an interview with NACHC Senior Fellows Dr. Jennie McLaurin and Dr. Grace Wang about ways to support the emotional and mental health of health center workers.

Dr. McLaurin is a pediatrician with 30 years of experience caring for underserved families at the local, state, and national level, including as medical director of migrant and community health centers. Dr. Wang is a family physician who worked for more than 30 years at health centers and public health departments in New York City and Seattle, most recently at International Community Health Services in Seattle. Watch video of the interview. Learn more about moral injury.


Episode 8: Community Health Centers Mark One Year of Ensuring Equity in COVID Vaccinations

2/15/2022 — Approximately 1 year ago, the Biden administration began supplying health centers directly with COVID-19 vaccines as part of the strategy to ensure that communities hardest hit by the pandemic have equal access to vaccines. NACHC’s Senior Vice President for Public Health Priorities, Ben Money, talked with Jim Macrae, associate administrator for primary health care in the HHS Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) about this unprecedented year and how the pandemic response is going. Watch video.


Episode 7: Battling the Pandemic and Systemic Racism in North Carolina

12/20/2021 — In this episode NACHC’s Senior Vice President for Public Health Priorities, Ben Money, talks with Reuben Blackwell and Sherri Bryant of Rocky Mount OIC Health Center about how they are battling systemic racism in addition to the pandemic as they protect their community from COVID-19. OIC  managed to mobilize its community to operate outside of local government entities and reach the people impacted the hardest — Black and brown frontline essential workers and their communities. Watch video.


Podcast: Battling the Pandemic and Systemic Racism in North Carolina

EPISODE 6: The Effort to Vaccinate Kids for COVID-19

12/2/2021 — Rising concerns about the spread of the Omicron variant have Community Health Center racing to protect families, including kids 5 to 11 years old in underserved communities. There are over 2,500 School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) across the United States. We spoke with experts to learn more about SBHCs and why they are critical to protecting the health and well-being of pediatric populations.

Guests: Paula Fields, MSN, BSN, RN; and Anna Goddard, Ph.D., APRN, CPNP-PC; of the School-Based Health Alliance; and Jennie McLaurin, MD, MPH, MA, FAAP, NACHC.


Episode 5: The effort to vaccinate kids for covid

EPISODE 5: Of the Community, For the Community

11/2/21 — Recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows the COVID-19 vaccination gap narrowing between white adults and people of color in the United States. Lowell Community Health Center in Massachusetts is a prime example of how health centers are playing a big role in closing that gap. In this episode, we talk with two staff members at Lowell about how their community outreach efforts have been critical in helping them vaccinate their patients, 40 percent of whom speak a primary language other than English.

Jeanmerli Gonzalez is Lowell’s Community Outreach Coordinator and Brent Carney is Lowell’s Communications Director. Watch video.

EPISODE 4: Vaccinating Mississippi as Delta Variant Rages

10/8/21 — Rural Americans are dying of COVID at more than twice the rate of their urban counterparts. In this episode, we hear how health centers are racing to fight the spread of the Delta Variant by building trust in the vaccines. Guests also reflect on the history of the health center movement, as Tara Miller-Gallion works for the nation’s first health center, Delta Health Center in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, and Terrence Shirley from the Community Health Center Association of Mississippi is the son of a health center pioneer. Watch the video.

EPISODE 3: Protecting Essential Workers: Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

We talk with Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center‘s Laura Byerly, MD, Medical Director, and Kasi Woidyla, Public Relations Officer, about what’s working and what challenges remain in their effort to close the vaccination gap between their largely Latinx and Hispanic patients and the rest of the population.

Watch the video, listen on your favorite podcast app, or listen here:

EPISODE 2: Leveraging Partnerships to Fight COVID: Neighborhood Health:

Neighborhood Health in Alexandria, VA, is in a race to protect the underserved and the unvaccinated against the Delta variant of COVID-19.  Executive Director and clinician Basim Khan, MD, describes how the ground game against COVID has changed.

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EPISODE 1: Fighting Mistrust about Vaccines in Rural Georgia:

Our first episode shines a spotlight on a health center deep in America’s Bible Belt. Albany Area Primary Health Care serves a rural Georgia county that ranked fourth in the world for COVID-19 deaths per capita last summer. Their effort to battle the pandemic brought out the best in their community, but now they face the daunting challenge of vaccinating people who are undecided about the benefits of the vaccine. Hear how they’re approaching the next phase in the pandemic.

Watch the video or listen as a podcast using any of the links below.

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Health Center Advocacy in Minutes: NACHC’s Grassroots Advocacy Podcast

“Advocacy in Minutes” is a weekly podcast from NACHC’s Grassroots Advocacy Team that brings you the latest news in Community Health Center research and health policy.

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Listen to the “PRAPARE Podcast” to learn more about the PRAPARE screening tool, social determinants of health (SDOH), and advancing health equity with the PRAPARE team at NACHC and AAPCHO.

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