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Health Centers on the Front Lines: Fighting COVID-19

Health Centers on the Front Lines chronicles the health centers that are trying to achieve equity and fairness in the historic race to vaccinate people across the United States. Every episode focuses on a different health center and the work to make sure that anyone, anywhere, can get the COVID-19 vaccine.

EPISODE 3: Protecting Essential Workers: Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

We talk with Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center‘s Laura Byerly, MD, Medical Director, and Kasi Woidyla, Public Relations Officer, about what’s working and what challenges remain in their effort to close the vaccination gap between their largely Latinx and Hispanic patients and the rest of the population.

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EPISODE 2: Leveraging Partnerships to Fight COVID: Neighborhood Health: Neighborhood Health in Alexandria, VA, is in a race to protect the underserved and the unvaccinated against the Delta variant of COVID-19.  Executive Director and clinician Basim Khan, MD, describes how the ground game against COVID has changed.

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EPISODE 1: Fighting Mistrust about Vaccines in Rural Georgia: Our first episode shines a spotlight on a health center deep in America’s Bible Belt. Albany Area Primary Health Care serves a rural Georgia county that ranked fourth in the world for COVID-19 deaths per capita last summer. Their effort to battle the pandemic brought out the best in their community, but now they face the daunting challenge of vaccinating people who are undecided about the benefits of the vaccine. Hear how they’re approaching the next phase in the pandemic.

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