NACHC Statement Regarding the Supreme Court Decision Prohibiting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from rescinding the DACA Program. 
June 19, 2020
On the NACHC Blog: A Health Center Fights Two Pandemics
July 6, 2020
New England Journal Of Medicine: Community Health Centers and Covid-19 — Time for Congress to Act

“CHCs have been critical to the U.S. response to Covid. They were already caring for the black and brown communities that have been most affected by the pandemic,” write authors Sanjay Kishore, M.D., and Margaret Hayden, M.D., in a Perspective column for the New England Journal of Medicine.  “Now, more than 90% of them are also Covid testing sites, more than half the people they test are people of color, and the test-positive ratio in CHCs is more than double the national average. Given the disastrous delays in testing and tracing in the United States, CHCs are providing life-saving surveillance and mitigating the profound inequalities of our Covid response… We believe health care and public health professionals should call on Congress to rescue our health centers and lay the foundation for a health system that works for everyone.”

You can read the full column by visiting this link.