NACHC Joins Forces with Medicaid Provider Groups to Urge HHS for Immediate Financial Relief Amid COVID Pandemic
May 11, 2020
Direct Relief: Health Center for Homeless Residents Now Key in Town’s Pandemic Response
May 27, 2020
NPR: Community Health Centers Struggling During Pandemic

National Public Radio takes a close look at the impact of the COVID-19 on Community Health Centers in a new article.

“Around the U.S., 1,400 health center organizations across 14,000 locations in rural and urban areas serve more than 29 million people, most of whom are low income, are uninsured or on Medicaid and Medicare, or are immigrants, according to the National Association of Community Health Centers. Almost 2,000 sites have shut down since the pandemic hit.”

“Financially, these centers are getting a blow in this pandemic,” says Dr. Ron Yee, chief medical officer for NACHC tells NPR reporter Marisa Penaloza.

To read the full NPR article please visit this link.