Congress Studies Climate Change, Impacts on Health Centers
November 10, 2022
#VaxUpAmerica: NACHC Partnership to Promote COVID-19 Vaccines
November 14, 2022
Providing Care to Veterans

On this Veterans Day we reflect on our obligations to the veterans who served our country.  In doing so we also note that it’s important to honor veterans every single day and not just one and provide them with timely and compassionate care once they come home.

Community Health Centers take that job seriously, which is why veterans are among the fastest growing segment of patients, totaling nearly 400,000 nationwide.  There has been a 76% increase of patients who identify as veterans between 2008 and 2020 and health centers are working hard to meet their unique medical, behavioral, and social service needs.  Accomplishing that means forging innovative partnerships, funding relationships, and launching veterans’ initiatives steered by dedicated and passionate leadership and frontline staff, especially in rural areas where veterans live and have difficulty getting to a provider and where 44 percent of health centers are located. Learn more about what health centers are doing to assist veterans. Click here.