Research Publications

Our research publications are fact sheets, infographics, snapshots, and more covering various topics related to health centers.


America’s Health Centers Fact Sheet
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06-20-2018 Community Health Center Chartbook, June 2018
05-16-2018 Fact Sheet: Health Centers and Medicaid
03-13-2018 Rising to the Challenge: Community Health Centers are Making Substance Use Disorder Treatment More Accessible than Ever
03-01-2018 Infographic: Health Centers on the Forefront of Substance Use Treatment
Snapshot: The Health Center Program is Increasing Access to Care through Telehealth
America’s Health Centers Fact Sheet 2017 

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06-29-2017 Community Health Center Chartbook, June 2017
03-28-2017 Strengthening the Safety Net: Community Health Centers on the Front Lines of American Health Care
02-14-2017 Infographic: Health Centers Expanding Reach
02-14-2017 Infographic: Health Centers Expanding Capacity
10-19-2016 Snapshot: Community Health Center Workforce and Staffing Needs
05-11-2016 Enabling Services: Gateways to Better Care
05-10-2016 Health Centers and Medicare: Caring for America’s Seniors, May 2016
03-15-2016 Staffing the Safety Net: Building the Primary Care Workforce at America’s Health Centers
08-10-2015 Infographic: Health Centers: Paving the Road to Good Health 
08-07-2015 Health Centers Provide Cost Effective Care
07-21-2015 Qualified Health Plans and Health Centers: A Primer
07-16-2015 The Role of Health Centers in Lowering Preventable Emergency Department Use
03-17-2015 Community Health Centers Past, Present, and Future: Building on 50 Years of Success
01-06-2015 Health Centers Disproportionately Serve Patients with Costly Chronic Conditions 
08-01-2012 Community Health Centers Address the Social Determinants of Health