KHN Cherry-Picks Data in Recent Article about FTCA & Community Health Centers
December 1, 2022
The Progressive Magazine: Community Health Centers were on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis. In the aftermath, they have adapted to new challenges.

In 2021, geographical areas that had Community Health Centers had 200 fewer cases of COVID-19 and nine fewer deaths per 100,000 people, compared with areas that didn’t have centers. “Our medical model emphasizes the importance of looking beyond the walls of our centers to provide primary health care, dentistry, behavioral health, and other services, as well as socioeconomic support to people who live in the shadows,” Ron Yee, chief medical officer at NACHC, tells The Progressive reporter, Sharon Johnson.  “From day one of the pandemic, we used this model to attack the virus on every front,” Yee says. “In addition to knocking on doors to educate people about how they could reduce their risks, our staff distributed more than 7.6 million N95 masks.”

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