New Special Enrollment Period for Marketplace Health Insurance
February 3, 2021
Community Health Centers Tapped to Receive Direct Shipments of COVID Vaccine
February 11, 2021
White House Coronavirus Task Force Announces Community Health Center COVID Vaccine Strategy
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Contact: Amy Simmons Farber 202 309 0338

Declaring that equity is part of a core national strategy to address the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House Coronavirus Task Force today announced a program to directly allocate a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine to select Community Health Centers starting next week. The initiative will increase access to vaccines to over 250 health centers nationwide.ย  As supply increases, HRSA and CDC will support vaccination in additional targeted health centers.ย  Community Health Centers, which serve 30 million people nationwide, have already started vaccinating priority populations in many states.ย  Getting direct allocations of the vaccines will help ramp up efforts already underway on the ground to ensure minorities and special populations are protected.

To learn more about the health center COVID vaccine program, please visit this link.ย