NACHC Alerts


NACHC Candidates’ Forum 2017

Voting will take place during the NACHC Community Health Institute & EXPO at the House of Delegates Meeting on Sunday, August 27, 2017.


Now Available: Health Center Salary & Benefits Report 2017-2018

The study is the single most comprehensive source of information on the salary and benefits practices of community-based health centers nationwide.


Voting by Proxy

Under NACHC Bylaws, an Organizational Member “in good standing” not sending the Executive Director or Board Chair to the Annual Meeting may authorize an individual to hold its proxy.




Minnesota Health Center Leader Urges Funding Extension for Safety Net Programs

Mike Holmes, Chief Executive Officer of Cook Area Health Services, told lawmakers that the effect on his health center and patients would be “immediate and severe” if Congress fails to extend funding for the Federal Health Centers Program.


Health Centers Lower the Cost of Children’s Care by 35 Percent

The analysis is the first to show that health centers provide care to children at significant savings.