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NACHC’s Health Center Growth and Development (HCGD) portfolio offers the information and resources needed to plan, start, and/or successfully expand a Health Center. NACHC collaborates closely with the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) to provide training opportunities, learning collaboratives, and one-on-one technical assistance for organizations looking to become part of HRSA’s Health Center Program. Our information and programs offer a foundational overview of the Health Center Program, health center models, and key considerations for preparing to become a 330-funded Health Center or Health Center Program Look-Alike, as well as operational and program-specific information.

For greater insight, findings from NACHC’s National Health Center Needs Assessment shapes and improves HCGD programs with information about real-time success, challenges, needs, and opportunities.

Gain valuable skills

  • Learn the fundamental components of HRSA’s Health Center Program.
  • Define Section 330 compliance requirements.
  • Outline key considerations and requirements for planning/starting a 330-funded Health Center and/ or a Health Center Program LookAlike.
  • Identify essential components for high-performing health centers in terms of governance, operations, finance, and clinical services.
  • Understand special models of health centers, such as Public Centers.
  • Select and apply relevant HRSA resources and tools.
  • Strengthen newly funded health centers in their first 120 days and first year of operations (and beyond).

Upcoming 2022 – 2023 Training Events

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Starting With Success: Building and Enhancing Your Health Center
January 25 – 26, 2023
Early bird deadline: January 9
This two-day virtual training workshop delivers a comprehensive, nuts-and-bolts training curriculum for leaders and organizations seeking a true “Health Center 101.” The training agenda features an in-depth overview of HRSA’s Health Center Program and covers foundational elements such as Scope of Project, HRSA’s Compliance Program, and Health Center Governance, Finance, and Operations.
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Health Center Model Overview

Compliance: Health Center Program Requirements

Unique Health Center Models

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COVID-19 Response and Support

Educational programs are tailored and continuously updated to meet ongoing challenges. COVID-19 specific resources can be found in the Health Center Resource Clearinghouse.

NACHC’s TTA programs are supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of an award totaling $6,719,834 with 0 percentage financed with non-governmental sources. The contents are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by HRSA, HHS, or the U.S. Government. For more information, please visit