Clinical Workforce

Building and Maintaining a Strong Primary Care Workforce

Clinical workforce is a critical resource at the top of every health center needs list.  There is increasing demand for primary care clinicians from a variety of health care systems, competing for clinicians urgently needed by health centers.  NACHC is fully engaged in a long-term strategy to secure a primary care workforce that meets the needs of America’s health centers and their patients.

NACHC’s Clinical workforce initiatives include:

Professional Development

Self-Assessment for Clinical Leadership Core Competencies

NACHC is collaborating with SkillDirector’s Self-Directed Learning Engine (SDLE). Clinicians use this tool to assess their professional competencies as a Clinical Leader across 10 domains, identify their learning gaps, and create a Development Plan to bridge their gaps over time through vetted and recommended resource and training opportunities.  The Clinical Leadership Development Self-Assessment can be taken at multiple intervals for regular re-assessment, especially post-Trainings. Currently, licenses are only given with enrollment in specific trainings or through Primary Care Associations (PCAs). However, licenses will soon be available.

Training for New Clinical Directors 
Provides the core knowledge and competencies that all health center Clinical Directors need to function as effective leaders, advocates, and managers for their health centers and communities.

Managing Ambulatory Health Care (MAHC) Series: Training Courses for Clinical Leaders in Health Centers
Four Managing Ambulatory Health Care (MAHC) training courses that go beyond the basics of being a new clinical director in a health center.  MAHC 3 and 4 offer the opportunity for clinical and administrative leaders at a health center to learn together.

NACHC is teaming up with current and new partners to help us accomplish our workforce goals.

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